Lash line enhancement treatment which you may have guessed involves tattooing a tight black lie along and in between the lashes. Its delivers beautiful results and frames the eyes perfectly giving the illusion of fuller, darker lashes and is so natural looking no one will ever know you have it done. It is such a simple procedure delivering beautiful results leaving eyes fresher and brighter. I highly recommend this treatment for everyone due to the stunning results.

Soft liner is a step up from lash line enhancement and is for those clients who wish for a stronger result. Again pigment is implanted in between the lashes and in a very thin line above the lashes. This line is then softened at the edges to keep it very natural and smokey looking. It usually has a small wing at the edge and the wings main purpose is to frame and elongate the eye. Wings are customised to each client and might not be suitable for all. This will be discussed during your consultation.

-This treatment cannot be performed if you have used lash growth serums in the past 6 months or if you have very vascular lids.
-Arrive to your appointment with no mascara or makeup on. If you are a lash extension wearer they must be removed at least one week prior to the appointment to avoid your eyes being irritated on the day of treatment.
-No fish oils, blood thinners etc for one week prior.
-No coffee or caffeine on the day of to avoid excessive bleeding.

-It is normal for the eyes to be slightly swollen immediately after treatment. This should subside after a few hours.
-Cleanse the area daily with sterile water.
-Avoid makeup on the area for at least one week or until fully healed.
-Do not touch the area with dirty hands.
-Not all cases of liner require a touch up. It will depend on each client. Usually once healed and touched up if needed this treatment can last 3-5 years.
-As with all cases of permanent makeup the pigment will fade greatly before reappearing. We cannot judge the full and final colour until a 6 week period has passed. This allows the skin to fully repair and heal.