Powder ombre brows are as the name suggests a soft powdered brow which mimics the effect you would achieve when you use a brow pencil and powder. When healed it gives slightly stronger results than nano brows but looks extremely natural. It is fantastic for clients who want a soft powdery look with shape and definition. Powder ombre is suitable for all skin types and lasts beautifully up to 2 years. Results vary greatly from client to client depending on lifestyle, sun exposure, metabolism etc We do recommend yearly colour boosts to keep them looking perfect. It is a very comfortable treatment with little to no pain. Anaesthetic is applied throughout for your comfort. The colour will be bespoke and will be decided after a full consultation.

Nano brows are hyper realistic machine hairstrokes applied to the epidermis of the skin. It is a premier service that provides all the benefits of microblading but with much less trauma to the skin. You will receive longer lasting results and better colour retention than microblading . Nano brows give the appearance of hairstrokes and can be used for filling in sparse areas of the brow. It gives a much softer effect than powder. Suitable for those clients who only need their brows filled out with a little extra definition and clients who do not generally wear makeup.

Combination brows is our most popular treatment and it combines the hairstrokes of nano brows generally at the front of brows and we use a powder effect to strengthen the definition throughout the brow.

-It all starts with a good canvas so we must ensure the eyebrow area is clean, healthy strong and not irritated before the procedure.
-Do not workout on the day of procedure
-No sunbeds sun exposure or sunburn 2 weeks prior
-No plucking waxing tweezing or tinting the area 1 week prior
-Do not use retinol on the area 2 weeks prior
-To prevent excessive bleeding to the area and poor colour retention-
-Do not take fish oils or vitamin E one week prior to procedure as these are natural blood thinners.
-Do not consume coffee prior to the procedure
-Do not drink alcohol 24-48 hours prior
-Do not take asprin or ibuprofen for pain relief as pain relief as it is a blood thinner

-The day of procedure please clean the brows gently every hour with sterile water and gauze or cotton wool. Do not apply cream.
-The following day clean the area 3 to 4 times with sterile water and gauze or cotton wool. Apply cream going to bed that night.
-From day 3 clean the area morning and night. Apply cream sparingly to the area to prevent it drying out.
-Use a clean pillowcase when sleeping
-Any scabs or dryness that forms do NOT pick. Let it slough away naturally as picking will result in pigment loss.
-Avoid exercise for 48 hours
-Do not use sauna or steamrooms and swimming for 10 days.
-Avoid makeup on the area until scabs and dryness has gone.

-Touch up is the final step and is needed after average 6 weeks. We will discuss this at your appointment as it will vary for each individual. The treatment is NOT complete without a touch up. When you return for the touch up we can judge how your skin retained the pigment etc. It is with this knowledge that we can finish off the treatment and make any changes needed.

-During the healing phase after the scabs have naturally come off it is normal for the colour to appear like it has disappeared. This is totally normal and it will slowly resurface up to 6 weeks after the treatment. This is due to the skin healing. When skin is healing it has a milky appearance which can make the brows look very faded or grey until the skin is fully healed.